Section 47 - exempts religious celebrants

Australian Marriage Act 1961. Section - 47 

Contrary to rumours, all religious marriage celebrants currently have the right to refuse to marry any couple and to add any additional requirements they so choose.

All Bills supporting Same Sex Marriage presented to parliament have continued to grant religious celebrants the same right to refuse under the Marriage Act 1961.

There has never been a suggestion that this exemption be removed.

Section - 47 Ministers of religion not bound to solemnize marriage etc.

Nothing in this Part:
(a) imposes an obligation on an authorized celebrant, being a minister of religion, to solemnize any marriage; or
(b) prevents such an authorized celebrant from making it a condition of his or her solemnizing a marriage that:
(i) longer notice of intention to marry than that required by this Act is given; or
(ii) requirements additional to those provided by this Act are observed.

Reference: Australian Marriage Act 1961

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