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A Wedding Day Checklist for Celebrants

A Wedding Day Checklist for Celebrants
A Wedding Day Checklist for Celebrants 

As a celebrant do you have a written checklist for what you need to do on a “wedding day”?

After nine years of being a celebrant, you would perhaps think that I might have spent some time and written down a list, but as yet I haven’t, so I thought we could do one together. I will put up my thoughts in this blog and if you would be so kind, you can add your additions on our CCN’s Facebook post. 

When I am getting all the paperwork packed into my bag, I have a mental checklist that goes like this : 

* The fancy buff coloured Marriage Certificate (or as the Attorney General's Department likes to call it “Form 15 Certificate of Marriage“), printed, and triple checked for spelling of names and addresses, and a spare just in case. 

* The Official Certificate of Marriage (Form 16) with the Declaration of no legal impediment to Marriage (Form 14), both triple checked for spelling. These forms can be filled in on line and printed out double sided on one sheet of paper, or can be filled out in one of CanPrints’ Green Books. 

“Please note under section 50(3) of the Marriage Act 1961, one of the official certificates of marriage shall be on the reverse side of the paper bearing the declaration of no legal impediment to marriage.”

* And your Marriage Register copy of the Official Certificate of marriage, which can be your “Red Book Marriage Register from CanPrint, or a printed copy that you store in a folder. And, of course, this is triple checked for spelling. 

* A copy of the ceremony printed out in large print (I left my glasses on the kitchen bench once, so I now always print my ceremonies out in large print just in case I have a glasses disaster again). 

* A presentation copy of the ceremony to give to the couple. 

* Any other special forms that may be required…….such as Interpreter forms (Form 24)

All of the forms are available through the Attorney General's Website:

And the Form 15 Marriage Certificate, the Green Book and the Red Book are available through CanPrint: https://marriage.infoservices.com.au/

Sorry for preaching to the converted, but it is information that is always worth repeating. 


So what else do I tick off in my mental checklist? 

* Is the alternative plan needing to be put into place because of the weather?

* Have I packed a duo of beautiful (and working) pens?

* And my plain paperweights to hold down the tablecloth on the signing table?

Then there is the PA. 

* The day before the wedding I charge the PA. 

* Then I sound check (our neighbours must love my “One Two” roadie checks on a regular basis). 

* Are there new batteries in the cordless belt pack? 

* Are there new or charged batteries in the handheld mike? 

* Have I got a packet of appropriate batteries in my bag? 

* Are the wheels on my PA (or the PA carry box) working properly ? (Yes, I have had a wheel disaster in the past!) 

* Have I got the music selection sorted? 

* Does the music play properly? 

* Does the music work from my phone and a USB? 

* Is the music remote charged and operational? 


Then there is me, and I am female, so this is from a female viewpoint. 

* Do I have a makeup repair kit in my bag? 

* Hairspray? Handy for more than just your hair!

* Shoes clean? 

* Outfit pressed and smick?

* Hair appliances fired up and ready………having just grown my hair long again, I am just getting the hang of these new fangled hair devices! 

* Eyebrows tidy? 

* Ditto for the legs? 

* Teeth cleaned to with a inch of their lives

* No garlic breath! 

* Mints in the bag. 

* Stockings? Multiple packs just in case! (what a great reason to wear pants!)

* Toilet stops….nothing worse than being outdoors miles from anywhere and needing the loo. 

Then there is the extras……..if you are truly well organised.

* A sewing kit for any bride/groom/mother of the bride disasters. 

* A notice for your windscreen letting people know where you are if they need to move your car. 

* A notice on your passenger seat outlining where you are going in case of an accident.
(I find this a tad creepy, but I do know others who insist on doing it). 
And finally

* My voice…….well oiled so that it isn’t croaky. 

* My perfume……or lack of it.

* My jewellry, which is always selected for each wedding. 

* My shawl, which is always in a colour selected by the bride. 

* My smile. And as I love weddings, this is never a problem! 

What can you add? 

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