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Forgotten Wisdom by Kerry Cue

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Forgotten Wisdom is a significant book about transformation.  ‘Don’t worry’, ‘Cheer up’, ‘Calm down’, ‘Forget him. Get on with your life.’ These words have no impact whatsoever. We don’t stop worrying, cheer up, calm down or forget him. The reason is simple enough. We use the wrong words.

Facing emotional meltdown, Kerry, a humorist, best-selling author and columnist, thought she’d just give herself a serious talking to and get on with her life. It didn’t work. No amount of cheerleader talk helped. Calling on her scientific background she began reviewing studies in psychology, neuroscience, anything. Eventually, using the new science of the brain, Kerry stumbled upon the Language of Emotion, the only language your emotional brain understands and used it to deal with her chaotic inner world.

The language of emotion is simple. You will know these words, but you have forgotten how to use them. It is your forgotten wisdom this book seeks to address.