Love Your Sister

Why I'm a PWAP Charity Champion: I love the sense of community that "Love your Sister" has created, and that they are firm believers in every little bit counts.
Charity Champion: Susie Roberts
Charity Champion Services: Civil Marriage Celebrant, Family and Naming Celebrant, Memorial and Funeral Celebrant
State: NSW
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To quote : "We’re a strong and proud village founded by brother sister duo Samuel & Connie Johnson. 

Our goal? To vanquish cancer so our families can get on with bickering and laughing together. 

Here it is night, until cancer is cured…

Science holds the key and your donations create freedom for our best researchers to explore their left-of-field ideas without subjecting them to the all-consuming grants cycle."

Type of charity/non-profit:
  • Cancer
For: Cancer vanquishment
Areas serviced: Australia
Based in: Victoria
Postcode: 3659