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Why I'm a PWAP Charity Champion: Previous wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at age 50. She endured two operations, chemo and radio therapy. She survived it for 15 years and was stable for over 10 years. When she was aged 62 she started to lose weight, and it was discovered that the cancer had returned and had affected her liver and bones. Medication was not able to assist at this stage, and she lasted a further 2 years, I nursed her for the greater part of those final years, and it brouht us closer than ever together. Because of my Celebrancy work, and being able to assist those persons with family or health issues, I jpined Register4 as a hands on supporter.
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Register4 was launched in October 2010 with one simple aim - to help researchers spend less time and money on recruiting participants for their projects, so they can spend more time delivering greater health benefits from cancer research.

It’s national, it’s online and it’s for women and men who volunteer their time to participate in approved cancer research. 

Researchers speak often of how long it can take to find large groups of the right people to participate in their research projects - it can take 1-2 years or more.

The time to recruit and identify suitable participants can be lengthy and with variable success. Register4 is able to deliver a pool of women and men for studies, many times within 48 hours, so that medical research funding can be used more effectively.

Type of charity/non-profit:
  • Cancer
  • Community
  • Depression
  • Disease and Illnesses
  • Families
For: To assist those who have been or are suffering from Breast Cancer.
Areas serviced: Register 4 is National, covering all states and Territories
Based in: Register4 is based at 10 Barrack St Sydney NSW 2000.
Postcode: 2000
Phone: 1300 709 485