Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation

Why I'm a PWAP Charity Champion: When I'm not busy celebrant-ing, I'm a passionate advocate for women's health.  In my 'day job' I work for Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation (ACCF), day in and day out I come face to face with women who have a cervical cancer diagnosis.  Cervical cancer is almost entirely preventable and treatable when diagnosed early, but a whopping 45% of Australian women don't get regular screening.  Can you believe that?! Around the world, a woman dies from cervical cancer every two minutes and I'd like to change that statistic.  Many of those women are from developing countries where there is no vaccination or screening.  I've been to Nepal and Bhutan and met women who have cervical cancer there, it's tragic, without proper treatment they die.  I lead charity adventure challenges to places like Nepal and Bhutan, where funds raised helps to vaccinate girls and screen women who wouldn't otherwise have access to these life saving treatments. ACCF does amazing work both overseas in developing countries and here in Australia, we are creating awarness programs and are educating people about the importance of prevention and regular screening as well as having a support program for women/families who find themselves with a diagnosis. It's amazing going to work every day and knowing that I'm doing a little something, that just might save a life!
Charity Champion: Julie Weston
Charity Champion Services: Education, Support, Cervical Cancer Awareness & Prevention, Screening, Vaccination.
State: Queensland
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The Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation (ACCF) works in Australia and in developing countries (through the use of its Overseas Relief Fund) to

  • enhance and protect women’s health
  • to eliminate cervical cancer through vaccination and screening and also the development of Awareness,
Type of charity/non-profit:
  • Cancer
  • Disease and Illnesses
  • Education
  • Health promotion
  • Women
For: Women
Areas serviced: Australia (and overseas)
Based in: PO Box 1008, Fortitude Valley QLD
Postcode: 4006
Phone: 1300 727 630 or (07) 3177 1099 or +61 7 3177 1099 (outside Australia)