CCN objectives

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Strengthen family and community networks - Celebrate with Ceremony


  • Civility (being civilized - cooperation, compassion, care, courtesy, chivalry)
  • Creativity (celebrate and encourage different talents and interests)
  • Companionship (cooperative partnerships, family and friendships, groups)
  • Citizenship (respect, equality, valuing justice –“a fair go”, free speech, diversity and community)

    Civil ceremonies and celebrations are inclusive promoting tolerance and respect for harmonious and healthier communities.

Objectives of the CCN Inc Association

Reference: CCN Constitution section
Premable B. Objectives of the Association

(1) Widely promote the use of civil ceremonies and celebrations that:

a. celebrate relationships in the context of various rites of passage and other significant events for individuals, families, and communities;

b. promote concepts of care, courtesy, creativity, cooperation, fairness , harmony and respect for all others without discrimination;

c. are beneficial to the development of individual and community health.

(2) Provide support to association members in their role as professional civil celebrants

To achieve these objectives CCN will:

(a)   Network with government, community groups, non-profit organizations and where appropriate for-profit organizations for the development and maintenance of the above objectives.

(b) Raise funds to facilitate, develop, maintain and review the above objectives.

(c) Conduct promotions and programs that contribute to better knowledge of the benefits of ceremony.

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