CCN - 3 pronged approach

CCN - 3 pronged approach Pixabay 554066

Civil Celebrations Network has a comprehensive three pronged approach to promoting its members and creating work opportunities for future celebrant work.

This is especially important for those celebrants who want to build a celebrancy career that returns a part-time or full-time wage equivalent.

Social Media Outreach

  • Engaging the public - with members contributions on our CCN social media tools such as blogs, facebook, twitter, linkedin by their comments, their directory entries content and their stories
    supported by
    • Members increased visits to this website for forums and placing their comments and stories > increased daily hits > increased web ranking 
    • CMS mobile friendly quality website design and capability
    • Integrated posting software with social media platforms

> increases CCN members chances of getting referrals

Community Outreach and Networking

  •  Engaging the community with members
    • talks to local groups and other non-profit associations (business, charity, services clubs, P&Cs, seniors etc.)
    • involvement is special days eg Grandparent Days, Neighbour Days, Dying to Know Days etc.
    • articles in their other community association magazines 

  • Engaging celebration and funeral suppliers via members involvement with their local businesses 
    • using CCNs Gold Rose Promotion and Party with a Purpose themes and brochures 
    • giving them ideas to expand into other ceremonies and celebrations if they like to take this up with your support.
    • offering low fee CCN affliate membership for people, groups and businesses that support CCN aims of marriage equality and civil rights etc > discounts on their Party With a Purpose entries.

      > increases CCN members chances of getting 'work of mouth' referrals

Special Projects

  • Resourcing members with special projects branding, recommendations, sample ceremonies, materials, (PR brochures, information, forms etc) and other support such as
    • Gold Rose Promption
    • Party With a Purpose
    • CCN Community Grants project
    • It's time to plan your final farewell /Act Now Before Your Final Farewell - Pre-funeral ceremony planning
    • Special event support 

> increases CCN members chances of getting 'work of mouth' referrals
> increased CCN members celebrancy work options to offer their potential couples and families

Like other non-profit celebrant associations, CCN members fees are based upon the principle that members contribute to CCN's outreach. Otherwise fees would need to rise to have paid staff. Currently CCN only has a minimal number of hours per month for paid bookkeeping/ shop coordination.

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