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SEO principles

  • The internet is a way people search for what they want and therefore we need to finds ways to draw couples and families IN

    • to your website:

      ie INto the CCN websites, and via this INto your own website

    • This is called INbound marekting and is different to the old days of businesses sending OUT advertisements via newpapers, magazine, letterbox drops and the like.

      Called OUT bound marketing. To learn more - see Hubspot.

  • The internet is designed to give the big spenders and/ or very informatiive and/ or very well visited websites more exposure

  • Increasing  search engines are aiming to give better answers to specific searches

  • Not every couple or family searches the internet in the same way - so you can be picked but in more specific searches if you have more content in a variety of places

  • Getting found is increased by being on a higher ranking website and having links to your website from higher ranking websites

  • The more links to your website, the more "useful" Google and other search engines see our CCN and your website.

It is to your advantage to take  every opportunity you have for exposure on this CCN Inc website in a whole variety of ways

For SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) reasons

All CCN members need to take advantage of:

  • Your Directory Entry/s
  • Blogs (Goes to Facebook)
  • Celebrant Profiles in the Celebrant Directory
  • Stories & Tips in ASKACELEBRANT 
  • In Memory Of - Free Memorials 
  • Articles (Webpages) all members can offer this
  • Only one of each of these each year from every member would increase our web reach.

Regular contributions to all the above add new content to our websites.

  • This in turn helps to increase ou ranking and likehood of being found.
  • In return this increases your likehood of being found. 

There is one CCN Professional Membership plus Copyright and Insurance Options

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