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Being part of a reputable group confers credibility upon its members.

  • Non-profits and charities are normally associated with issues that are of concern for the public good.

  • Many business these days want to be associated with a good cause as a way of increasing their desirability as a supplier.

    ie Customers can "feel good" by purchasing from an organisation or company that supports a "good cause" because their purchase indirectly supports that cause as well.

  • Celebrants have lost public standing in many ways since the fee was deregulated in the 1990s' and by being associated with the 'Wedding Industry" that is perceived as "charging more" (or "ripping people off") for weddings than other special occasions.

  • Celebrants supporting a "good cause" can also work to increase public standing and increase one's point of difference. CCN"s Party With A Purpose project can be supported directly by creating entries or indirectly by linking to the PWAP directory.

  • CCN Inc is a non-profit association concerned with modernising the Marriage Act 1961 to remove discrimination against couples and civil celebrants

Being part of a professional celebrant association, that is a member of the Coalition of Celebrant Associations (CoCA) has a similar advantage

  • CCN Inc is working to improve the professionalism of celebrants via its own network and via CoCA
  • Being part of a professional association or network implies that its members are aiming for a higher quality of service than those who don't.
  • Highlighting this aspect in your marketing plan is also important. Only 30% of celebrants are members of an association and thus this is another point of difference in your favour.

 It is to your advantage to

  • ensure your CCN Inc membership is displayed on your website and in your publicity/ marketing tools.
  • promote a Party With A Purpose non-profit or charity on our Celebrations website
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