CCN Celebrants - Economy

CCN Celebrants - Economy Pixabay 869221

The cost of individual advertising is very high and often does not lead to actual paid work ie has poor results.

  • The wedding market is a limited market meaning there are only a limited number of weddings (120,000 pa) to go around
    - ie if every celebrant spend 10 times their current  budget on advertising, this extra money would not create any extra weddings!
  •  People are  clever at tuning out from advertising. For example they mute ads on TV, or pre-record to be able to skip them.

  • Paid ads are not "trusted" as much as "word of mouth" referrals.

  • Internet Marketing uses IN bound not old fashioned OUT bound techniques

    - Scatter gun approaches don't work as well as promoting your services to specific targets that are more linkely to use your services.

  • Using less money and more of your time, and different promotional methods can be more ecomonical and effective in the medium to long term
    For example, Utilising no or low cost internet techniques such promoting your CCN network, using our Gold Rose promotion and more face to face targetted community talks etc.
    - Having a "Business" Plan to make sure your efforts and money are likely to give you the best result.

  • This is why CCN Inc aims to encourage people to have "This is Your Life" senior birthday and anniversary ceremonies, Coming of Adolescent and Coming of Age ceremonies as there is a potential market there. 

It is to your advantage then to take every opportunity you have for exposure onthe  CCN website in the variety of ways described under SEO as well as the other suggestions under Promotional Tools, Branding etc. 

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