Party With A Purpose - what's that got to do with celebrancy?

Party With A Purpose - what's that got to do with celebrancy? Pixabay 417994

Well there are several reasons for celebrants to become involved.

Choose Party with a Purpose (PWAP) Charity and Non-profit, add A PWAP logo on your website and create an extra entry in our PWAP Charity and Non-profit 

1. Civil Celebrants need to build a better public image!

"Goodness I'd like to make $400 for 20 minutes work like that marriage celebrant makes!"

And the more skilled we are, the easier the work can look to the guests :-( though not to the couple or families themselves if we are doing our best :-)

Civil Marriage Celebrants are seen by many as part of the wedding industry, and as such just businesses, over-inflating our fees.

  • Sponsoring a link on the Party With A Purpose Directory with the Party With A Purpose Logo and an explanation of why you support this charity or non-profit on your website, sends a message that you are a community minded person

In fact, many businesses are trying to gain more business by looking like good corporate citizens, which in turn can increase referrals.

2. Sponsoring a local non-profit or charity gives you grounds to make yourself better known.

  • Word of month referrals are the best type to get.
  • Getting known by a local non-profit that connects to the target group you want to service, can increase your getting known and those word-of-mouth referrals.

3. Couples and families are looking for ways to connect with us.

  • Choosing a charity or non-profit that is local and/or likely to appeal to potential couples and families gives you another point of connection

4. Promoting a local non-profit or charity makes our Party With A Purpose Directory more functional, and can raise more money for those less fortunate.

  • The "GIve Now" links to the GIVE NOW website or Donate Now links where people can make direct donations directly to the non-profit or charity. .
  • The more entries this Directory,  more links for people to make direct donations.
  • The more entries this Directory, the more CCN celebrants links are displayed on the web.

More ideas for families wishing to donate to a charity rather than getting flowers or gifts for their ceremonies.

  • This is common for funerals, but becoming more popular for weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions.

5.  Party with a Purpose Ceremonies Promoting the Party With A Purpose concept can broaden the public's idea of  what can be a quality event and bring civil celebrants more opportunities for work.  

  • We know that "adding a Ceremony to the Celebration" can make the occasion more meaningfui and powerful as well as entertaining.
  • Australian's tend to shy away from being too serious so the word "party" may be just the "hook" we need to encourage families and friends to think about what other ways to celebrate, without having to deny themselves good food and drink!

party purpose youth 1506. Promoting Party With A Purpose helps support youth to celebrate in healthy ways 

CCN Inc is particularly concerned about the impact of alcohol and other drugs on teenagers.

  • Many countries have an important rite of passage for their youth to enter adulthood.
  • Australia lost its "Coming of Age" party with the lowering of the drinking age for the Vietnam war.
  • Most adult responsibilities and privileges now come at 18.
  • Currently Schoolies Week and getting 'legless' at an 18th party seem to be the closest thing to such a rite of passage.

As alcohol and other drug usage patterns are established in teen years, teenagers are particularly vulnerable to to social and commercial forces at play in our heavy drinking culture.

CCN Inc has a vision of a creative and meaningful rite of passage for all 18 year old built around the idea of the 18 year old taking on the responsibility of full citizenship. The "welcome to community" type event is seen as marking a different style of marker for this really important life status change.

CCN Members can be read about this project, in the CCN Inc Submission section, especially the National Preventive Health Taskforce submission.

Wow is that too ambitious?

We think not. "The journey of 1000 miles must start with the first step".

  • Sometimes social change takes decades or even centuries.
  • It has taken 40 years for civil ceremonies to grow in popularity from around 2% of weddings in 1972 to over 70% in 2014.
  • So whilst the Party With a Purpose is a new project  in its infancy, we as civil celebrants can pioneer the next stage of celebrancy.

This will not only to assist our own work, but to lay a foundation for future generations of Australians, young and old.

See: Party with a purpose overview

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