For CCN Members with CAL licence purchased elsewhere

For CCN Members with CAL licence purchased elsewhere Pixabay 195802

The CCN has a Copyright Licence Forum for CCN members to share copyrighted material with one another, provided you have the CAL Licence Cover.

The aim of this forum is to build up a data-base of poetry and prose that is suitable for ceremonies and celebrations.

There are over 100 items in this forum already.

If you purchase a CAL Copyright Licence through CCN, you will be given access to this forum within a few days of purchasing this licence.

To current financial CCN Members who have purchased a CAL Copyright Licence through another celebrant association.

The CCN does not automatically cover its members with the Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) Licence because some celebrant associations include the CAL fee in their membership fee. We don't want you to have to pay double!

If you have a current CAL Copyright Licence purchased elsewhere, and are a current CCN member, you can access this forum and all its great resources by sending us the Indemnity Guarantee.

INDEMNIFYING GUARANTEE to Civil Celebrations Network CCN Inc.

I hereby declare that I am a current financial member of the CCN - my membership expires  on ________.

I have purchased the CAL-Copyright Licence cover from

  • the ________________________________________ celebrant association 

for the period _______________20XX to _______________20XX

I will notify the CCN  as required to request I be removed from access to the Forum, should I cease to be covered by this licence, during the CCN Membership year.

Yours sincerely

Full Name: ______________________________

Date: ___________________________________

Email Address: ______________________________

Send to:
Membership Coordinator
(who organises the CAL Forum Access)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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