aac gay rainbow 150Our network is modern and fresh

  • Join a celebrant team that is proactive, creative, supportive and egalitarian
  • Have choices and options to suit your needs and hopes
  • Be encouraged to participate and use our web tools, with opportunities for sharing online and privately
  • Find lots of suggestions about ways to develop your Celebrancy Practice
  • Be encouraged to reach out to the general public through our website to promote your ceremonies and celebration

How is CCN unique 300CCN  is unique and creative

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Civil Celebrations Network Inc:

  1. supports civil and human rights, including marriage and celebrant equality
  2. offers marketing and community education strategies for CCN members via social media and in your local community
  3. supports CCN members in networking with their local celebration suppliers
  4. uses social media and teamwork to expandi the celebration options for CCN celebrant members and their local communities
  5. as an active member association of the national celebrant peak body CoCA, the Coalition of Celebrant Associations, CCN works to bring positive changes to the Marriage Act as it affects celebrants and the marrying publc.

CCN fees 300CCN offers value for money because YOU decide the extra options for Insurance and Copyright to suit your situation.

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