Private mail - reading, deleting, replying

Private mail - reading, deleting, replying Pixabay 224977

The User Control Panel Section has some information on Private Messages with updated images.

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* Remember to LOG IN

* Click on FORUMS

Private messages in the CCN Inc Forums is like a private email system, with the emails moving internally inside the website.

This section of the User Control Panel has 6 sub-sections (click on right hand image >)

  • Compose message
  • Manage Private Message drafts
  • Inbox
  • Outbox
  • Sent messages
  • Rules, folders & settings

To compose and send a private message

* Click on User Control Panel below Board Index.

• Choose Private message on left hand drop-down menu

• Choose Compose Message on right-hand drop-down menu

 control panel only

  • Then put the person's username in the TO: field
  • If you do not know the person's username - there is a "find a member" but this is not very useful, unless you take pot luck.



compose message 600

To read a private message in your Inbox 

* To send a New private message, click on COMPOSE MESSAGE

* When ready to send, make sure 'attach a signature' box is ticked

* Then click submit

Private inbox

To reply to a message in your Private Message Box


* Click on Drop Down Menu to delete or more etc.

* Follow the prompts

** Click on next PM (Private Message) or Inbox or Board Index to move on:

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