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Civil Celebrations Network - CCN's new website is mobile friendly -

and more than that

This website has been designed to give maximum fast access to the public and to our CCN members - whether they be celebrants or non-celebrants (Affiliates)

Some new features:

Login on every webpage

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Fast navigation to public, celebrant colleagues and CCN Members sections

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Fast navigation to 'Find a Celebrant' / Celebrations directories, CCN Blog, Forums and CCN Celebrant Shop

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Social media to promote our CCN members and 'celebrate with ceremony'

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Quick help response from a CCN national committee member

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You help create the friendly, informative, practical and supportive online community you want or need to expand your celebrancy services to your community

The CCN Forums are unique among celebrant associations. CCN software allows you to set your forums to your personal and celebrancy needs. 

One way CCN Inc empowers its members.

CCN Inc encourages you and every member to make sure you can access and be part of our friendly Online Community.

Simply contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

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