Putting the Purpose upfront in the Party so A Party With a Purpose is the "celebration" :-)

family hands young four coloured 32475318Party with a Purpose* is a party with a ceremony or celebration to focus on the purpose of the party.

This CCN Inc project to encourage families to

  • have quality time together by adding a ceremony or emcee celebrant to Birthdays, Anniversaries, Coming of Age and other family celebrations, and/ or celebration parties

    AND / OR

  • have a goal of raising funds for a good cause. Associated with this aspect of the project is the Party with a Purpose Charity and Non-Profits Directory and CCN Affiliates Program.  You, your business of our family can sponsor a listing in our Party with a Purpose website.visit charity nonprofit

Basically CCN encourages families to bring the speeches to the start of the party, to put them in a ceremonial format by engaging a professional CCN celebrant to be the emcee, to use aids such as DVD presentations, guest participation and finishing the ceremony with "cutting the cake", toast or similar conclusion. Then there would normally be some form of party or refreshments to follow.