Budgeting your wedding

Your budget reflects your priorities Your budget reflects your priorities Pixabay 671408

Unless money is no object, most couples need to decide how much to spend on their wedding celebration.
Consider -

* what are the really important aspects of the day and
* what you both want to have after it is all over . 

This will help to determine where your spending priorities will be.


Then work though the following budgeting process: 

The first step - a budget estimate
Use our budget checklist to start gathering information on how much the wedding items are likely to cost you,
Do the important things first.
The second step - consider options
Go through each item to see if there is a less expensive alternative that would be just as good or acceptable.
eg 3 course meal for 50 guests or
2 course meal for 80 guests
finger food for 100 guests

The third step - compare different suppliers
Get prices from different suppliers.
Try to compare similar positions
eg 3 course meal for 50 guests from
a private caterer, a club, a restaurant, a function house

eg buying a wedding gown, hiring one, making your own.

The fourth step - A revised budget
By now you will have a much more accurate idea of what things cost.
 Decide what you need to compromise on,
and what things you prefer not to change.

If you need to, and have the time, you may want to do steps 1 to 4 again to refine your budget further.

The fifth step - Put your budget into action
Organise your finance.
Then you will be able to start making bookings,
and putting deposits on the services or products you have decided upon.

The sixth step - Review your budget regularly

Keep records of your spending and if necessary, revise your budget to stay on track.

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