The CCN rose symbolism


The Rose is best known as the symbol of love. It is  also the Western equivalent of the lotus as the symbol for wholeness. 

Our CCN rose is not a bud, nor fully opened, to symbolise the fact that we are always in a state of becoming, and that we celebrate all ceremonies in the cycle of life.

Its colour is red its connection to passion and love.

Roses also do not grow as a single flower on a single plant, but emerge, flower and die together with other flowers on a rose bush.

ccn logo transp R 300red rose CCN
The bush is just out of sight on our Trademark, but is represented by the letters CCN on the ribbon.

The celebratory ribbon, often used to wrap gifts, expresses the joy of relationships, yet also the need for being held together, especially at times of loss and grief.

The rose bush represents our network and the teamwork we need to do, to really make an impact in promoting the role of ceremony and celebrations to the public and in particular promoting our association celebrants.

- A single rose is beautiful 

rose 1199039 300 -

A display of roses can be spectacular

 spectacular roses

Each CCN celebrant make a single impact in each of the ceremonies they do.

Having all CCN celebrant members make impacts by delivering a wide range of ceremonies and celebrations in their local communities and in the process, facilitate stronger relationships between the people that attend as well as with themselves as their family or their community celebrants– that is really spectacular

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