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Tax Invoices and Receipts - Shop Pixabay 879498

CCN Inc  has a virtual office here in cyberspace :-)

  • We do not issue paper invoices.

As all orders are now done online via your Account, you can access your ALL your Orders and Tax Invoices Online.

  • These are marked PAID automatically if you pay by credit card, and manually if you pay by Direct Deposit, Cheque or some other means.

 Shop Invoices


2. Click on SHOP tab on the website NAVIGATION BAR

3. Scroll down to the bottom right side of the web page

4. Click on "My Orders"

My Orders

5. Click on the Invoice Number of the Invoice you want

 My orders view

6. To Print - click the "Print Icon"

Print icon

7. Go to File and Print - to print as usual


Save as a pdf for your records

Any hassles, contact us


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